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About Us

Our Story

 The Vision of Cake and the City Bakery in San Diego was dreamed up years ago in a young girl's bedroom over an easy bake oven.  I embarked on culinary school and upon graduating I landed my dream job as an executive pastry chef for local bakery. I was doing it, I was living my dream! It was to my disappoint that the bakery closed its doors leaving me to wonder what next. It was my business partner and Mom that encouraged me to start our bakery. I had all the ingredients I needed to be a success. I had determination, a great support system and a notebook full of wicked cake recipes. So, I did it! I jumped in with two feet, eyes closed and founded Cake and the City Bakery with my best friend and business partner my Mom. We have a philosophy on baking for others that has been passed on through the generations. The women of our family have always taught that people can taste when things are made with care and love. That love of baking that is shared by this mother-daughter duo can be tasted in every bite and is put into every order for Custom Cakes in San Diego. It is or greatest honor to have been part of the many beautiful weddings in San Diego.  

Mission Statement

 Cake and the City Bakery was conceived upon the belief that each and every cake order is special and deserving of the highest level of excellence and craftsmanship. It is our focus to have this mission exhibited in every slice of cake, every cake creation and in every customer service experience . Our goal at Cake and the City Bakery is to take every detail of your vision and bring it to life. What sets apart from the rest is priding ourselves on making your event personal to us.  Our customers are more than just customers, they are family and family is our business!  We believe each breathtaking creation is your masterpiece. We are just your tools. 

 "Our Cake is Your Vision"     

Hand crafted Teddy Bear. He is entirely edible as he is made purely of fondant.

Honor and Craftsmanship

We take pride in the artistry of hand sculpting fondant, adding just the right amount of fine detail to give your characters realism and depth. Your imagination is our only limitation. 


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