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Cookies and Pastries



Whether you buy them for breakfast, snack, or dessert. We've got something for everybody. All of our pastries are prepared fresh daily by our team of dedicated bakers. So good you'll think twice about sharing!  

Lemon Loaves

Various Muffins and Breads

Double Chocolate Cookies


7-Up Pound Cake ·   Biscotti  · Blondies  ·   Blueberry Muffin  · Blueberry Scones  ·   Brookies Brownies  ·   Bundt Cakes  ·   Cake Pops  · Cannoli  ·   Cheesecake Brownies  ·   Cheesecake Bars  · Chocolate Covered Pretzels  ·   Key Lime Tart  ·   Lemon Bars  ·   Lemon Cake  ·   Lemon Tart  ·   Madelines  · Poptart Truffles  ·   Tiramisu Cups  ·   Lady Fingers ·   Salted Caramel Bars  · Swiss Rolls  ·   Rice Crispy Treats  · Chocolate Covered Oreos  ·   Chocolate Pecan Tart  ·   Chocolate Flan  · Churros  ·   Cinnamon Roll  ·   Coffee Cake  ·   Cream Puffs  ·   Croissants  · Doughnuts  ·   Eclairs  · Flan  ·   Fudge  · Granola    ·   Donuts  

Onion and Chive Scones

Wholesale Contracts Available

Interested in purchasing our pastries for to sell in your business. Contact us and we can discuss available options.