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Wedding, Occasion and Custom Cakes in San Diego

Wedding Cakes & Cake Tasting Consultations

The Process

Once you make contact with the bakery you will have an initial phone consultation with our executive pastry chef. In that conversation will be discussed cake flavors, fillings, frostings/dressing, any special requests and all options that are available to you the couple. We next schedule a face-to-face consultation to further discuss the style of your cake, what you envision and have seen, review any pictures, color swatches or material you would like to share for your cake vision. During your consultation we will work together to create your vision for your special day. We will pour over the most minute of details, and exchange of ideas all over savoring the cake flavors you chose for your tasting. We encourage you to scour the internet and do lots of research. (No matter how many you see you will know yours the minute you see it)   

Tasting Consultation

 What you can expect to be included:  

Four flavor samples of the wedding cakes of your choice

Frost and filing flavors of your choice (up to four)

Color samples of frosting and fondant of your choice by request (up to four)

A special gift for the Bride and Groom compliments of Cake and the City Bakery as our way of saying thank you for your business.

The best part is we come to you, your cake tasting in San Diego, wherever you request. We will meet you at any location of your choice with your samples.  

The Consultation Fee and Cake Sampling is $35.00 

We know that you will delight in our one of a kind bride inspired unique wedding cakes     

The Pastry Chef

Our classically trained executive pastry chef, Chef Vee with the assistance of experienced skilled bakers and designers have many years of experience in the art of cake design and baking. Wedding cakes can be made in any flavor imaginable your imagination is your limit, Let our executive chef create you the cake of your dreams.    


 Appointments are available for scheduling most any day depending on availability and bakery business. Wedding cake orders are only excepted as far out as 6 months in advance of your event.  If you are more than 15 minutes late for your consultation & tasting, we will need to reschedule your appointment.     


 Wedding Cakes will vary in price based upon the choices of the Bride & Groom in decor, Flavor, Qty of Servings and dressing. Cupcakes are available to order along with your wedding cake. ​ (Discount pricing is given for cupcake orders of 100 or more when they are part of the cake order) All Custom Cake pricing will be based on the amount of time and dedication needed to execute the design chosen. Included in the price of your wedding cake and all cake orders will be delivery and set up to designated venue.   

Appointment Cancellations

We respectfully ask that you please call at least 48 hrs before your scheduled appointment to cancel or reschedule for another date.  

Preferred Wedding Vendors & Affiliates


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